Hey Happy - Gift Gratitude Week


Gift Gratitude Week gives students the opportunity to create a
moment of connection with one another, encourage a growth mindset and help
children to feel positive about themselves, others and the world around them whilst
having some fun!

It is a beautifully easy way to introduce children to a more mindful way of life and
is an effortless way to create a platform for self-expression, building relationships,
mutual appreciation and understanding.

For a whole week, your class COULD get to use our specially
developed Hey Happy Cards.

Not only that but our Gift Gratitude Week also comes with these bonuses
Hey Happy Star
1. A book bag leaflet for all pupils to take home with them.

2. For parents from your school who wish to purchase their own set of Hey Happy cards,
your school will receive 10% of the purchase price back to your
school’s PTA to help with all the vital work they do.

3. We will also donate £1 per box to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital.

Education package
Education package

For further information or to register your school for Gift Gratitude Week please
email hello@heyhappy.com

Multiproduct buy contact us hello@heyhappy.com