Hey Happy Cards

The inspiring activity for little minds.

Create a moment of connection and help your little one articulate their feelings with our ‘Hey Happy’ Cards.

How Hey Happy cards work

  • The ‘bold’ side of the card has a simple topic – a chance to connect with your child and an opportunity to discuss your reasons to be positive and happy today
  • Through these topics, your child can begin to recognise feelings of appreciation, to express gratitude and to grow in self-belief
  • The back of the card has two conversation starters…
  1. A discussion point to engage your child in conversation
  2. A prompt for younger children or those new to ‘Hey Happy’
  • Our encouragements are simply some ideas and suggestions in case you’re struggling to think on the spot or need a little extra inspiration
  • ‘Hey Happy’ offers a fun way to talk to and be present with your family

Always remember…

While this is a practice designed for your child, it’s also valuable to think of your own response to the questions, so you can join in and share a ‘Hey Happy’ moment.


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How to create a Hey Happy moment:

  1. Take a moment to engage with your child
  2. Select a ‘Hey Happy’ card from the box
  3. Read aloud the affirmation on the ‘bold’ side of the card
  4. Turn the card over, read out the engagement and allow your child to respond
  5. If they need a little guidance, prompt with your own observation or gratitude (we’ve also included some simple encouragements to help things along)
  6. One card is great... but hey, this is your moment: do as many as you like

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